Prayer of love

It is a wonderful prayer – the Prayer of Love, the Prayer of the Heart because it contains in sum everything that a human being has or needs. And you wonder if the PLEA should be part of it? Yes, it should, it is true because it is the trinity of energies that need to be in equilibrium, in order for things to happen. It is as triune as Faith, Trust and Hope. 

This triad of energies in its trinity is PLEA, ACCEPTANCE and GRATITUDE.
Because if you don’t ask, you can’t get anything.
         When you get what you want, you need to accept it and to be thankful for that, because, without that gratitude, you can’t get anything.
         With that gratitude, you are strengthening the energy of abundance so that you can get it again.
         If there is no gratitude, it does not happen again, but first, there is a PLEA.


Beloved God – MOTHER and FATHER who dwell in my heart and who are part of me, just as I am Yours.
Hallowed be Thy name with love, Thy Kingdom of Love come.
Thy Will be done, on earth as it is in heaven and within earth as in the whole Creation and so in me, Thy Will be done.
Thy Will be done, the Will of Love and Harmony of being in Grace, Unity, Equality between all beings and in Respect for Life on Mother Earth.
With love, I accept and thank for my daily bread and I humbly ask for the bread that you bless me daily.With a plea and gratitude in my heart, I accept the mercy with which you forgive me my trespasses.
With plea and gratitude in my heart, I accept that you teach me with love to forgive and I also forgive with love in my heart all those who trespass against me.
With plea and gratitude in my heart, I accept that you are teaching me with love to forgive, to love and to accept myself without conditions.
Your love sets me free from all the negative pain, unforgiveness and feelings of quilt created and stored in my heart throughout the line of time.
I accept with love and I thank you for leading me with love and humbly ask you to guide me with your love through all my temptations.
Thank you for every night in which I ask You for rest, and also for every day to which I wake up, in which I ask You for protection, wisdom and knowledge, which I gratefully accept with love.
With deep respect, humbleness and gratitude, I thank you, I accept with love and ask for the health of body, soul and spirit.
Let your Kingdom of Love be eternal forever, on earth as in heaven and within earth as in the whole Creation and so in me.
Beloved Mother Earth, at this moment I am in tune with your energy of love, grace and abundance, that I accept with deep gratitude, thank you very much and at the same time, I ask for it.
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